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Thursday May 26, 2016

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Quick suggestion for the Baylor head football coach: Former Bear Mike Singletary. He would be the perfect choice to clean up that mess.

Next, how did NOBODY know what the hell was going on down at Baylor? No ESPN, No FOX, No ABC. Nobody knew or did nobody care to or have the balls to ask Art Briles about his dead beat players?

Another brutal game for Golden St. They scored
TWELVE stinking points in the 4th quarter. This is
the same team that scored 120pts a game without a blink of an eye? It goes to show you how little defense is played in the regular season. The Curry naysayers are smiling today. We've said it all along, nobody guards him in the regular season. OKC is doing a tremendous job stinking a hand in his face at all times. And Draymond Green played last night like a guilty man. Someone who thrives on people hating him only plays that poorly if he knows he got away with something. He knows he kicked Steven Adams in the groin on purpose...otherwise he would have come out storming.
Twenty-one turnovers is beyond inexcusable. Warriors show no guts at all. They are acting like the big bully who got punched in the face for the first time and ran vs. fighting it out. They quit in both games 3 & 4. Where's Coach of the Year Steve Kerr and boy wonder Luke Walton now?

28 and counting for Jackie Bradley Jr. Sox HAVE to move him up in the line up to lead off or the #2 hole to give him a fair shot at 56.

What an absolute farce the NBA has become.
They suspended Dahntay Jones, but not Draymond
Green and try to sells on the plays were different. No, one guy is a stiff and the
other guy is a key component of the Warriors who just happen to be trailing in the series 2-1 pending tonight's game.

That's not what really makes me laugh, though.
Head of discipline Kike Vand. is so damn lazy
that he hired "professional investigators" to
conduct the investigation. What??? You are
going to maybe suspend a player based on what somebody else was told. You can't pick up the damn phone and talk to the same people and get the answers directly? You're a former player.
You don't have any contacts in the league? You talk about being lazy. How do we really know the investigators are telling you what the players, refs, etc really think? He writes in his explaination of the no suspension "The problem with comparables is they never tell the whole story.

No, Kiki, the problem is you were too damn lazy to get the "whole story" yourself.

So Nyquist is out of the Belmont, great.
Once again what I say may sound dumb at times, but in the end is logical. We won't have a
showdown between Nyquist & Exaggerator because
the Belmont is two weeks after the Preakness instead of two months as I suggested and was crucified for. So who wins? Fans, no. Horse racing, no. TV, no. Nobody except the dopey horse racing purist who'd rather not have a great race but hold on to "tradition" of killing horses by making them run 3 races in 5 weeks. Now THAT is dumb...not my suggestion of changing horse racing making the Kentucky Derby in April, Preakness in June and Belmont in August/September.

WOW...what else can you say after watching last night's mauling of the Warriors. I think I'm jumping ship and saying OKC is actually going to win this thing. People have said it all year long and I've agreed. Put a body on Steph Curry and he is NOT the same player as left wide open.
Game's 1 & 3 OKC has done just that and it's made Curry "human."

As for Draymond Green. The Thunder are doing exactly what I called all year for a team to do.
They are going after Green, getting into his head.
I said it a thousand times, he's a double technical foul waiting to happen. Did he kick
Steven Adams in the balls on purpose? Who knows? But its the second time this series and if the NBA is fair they have to suspend him a game. If they suspend Cleveland's Dahntay Jones for kicking Bismack Biyombo in the nuts, then have to do the same with Green.

Personally, I think both suspensions should carry over into next regular season. Unless you throw a punch that lands on the other guys face, all suspensions should be implemented next regular season. Playoff games are too important to be kicking players out of games on something that we really don't know if there was intent there or not.

Speaking of I told you so's. Did I not tell you yesterday--and many other times---Penguins goalie Marc Andre Fluery is a dog? That was the best +190 value on the TB Lightning last night that you will ever see. My Tampa Bay @ +800 to win it all at the start the season is looking better and better!!

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