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Welcome to Opposite Picks with Scott Wetzel. Join him when he calculates the outcome of NFL, NBA, NHL, MBA, NCAA College Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Football games. Scott boasts a winning record for 8 years straight and will supply you with the latest lowdown and stats on the favorites and the underdogs in both Pro and collegiate matchups. He knows the SU & ATS records of the teams and uses it like only he can. Scott Wetzel invites you to log in and find out who's beating the odds and who's going home a loser. Sports handicapping with Scott Wetzel on Opposite Picks.
Scott Wetzel's message--

Mad Dog Sports Radio SIRIUS XM channel 82

Jan. 17....Tuesday Midnight-3:00am (Wed morning)
Jan. 20....Friday Midnight-3:00am (Sat morning)
Jan. 22....Sunday Midnight-3:00am (Mon morning)
Jan. 23....Monday Midnight-3:00am (Tue morning)
Jan. 24....Tuesday Midnight-3:00am
Jan. 25....Wednesday Midnight-3:00am
Jan. 26....Thursday Midnight-3:00am


Hell has frozen over, lightening has struck twice, it's a blue moon, all the stars have aligned, and yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus...
A miracle has happened as I was named the Midnight to 3:00am host on Mad Dog Sports Radio starting Sunday January 22nd, although I'll be "filling" a couple of times this upcoming week.

I'll be hosting Sunday night (technically Monday morning) thru Thursday night (again, technically Friday morning).

We're going to give it a 2-3 month run and see how it goes. After three months we'll all decide if this will be a permanent gig.

As this point I won't be hosting on weekends anymore, but that's always subject to change.

Thanks to ALL the great "LL's" who made this happen. You guys & gals had a LOT to do with them giving me this job. Without your support over the years and most recently this would not have happened. So thanks to everyone chiming in the last few days asking for me to get this spot. Now lets go produce some good ole fashion fun radio!

Okay, let me get this straight. It's okay for US Rep John Hill to insult President Elect Donald Trump, but its not okay for Trump to fire back.
OOOKAAY, as long as we know the rules. What a joke. When are left wing liberals going to find out its dangerous dealing with a man who fights fire with fire? Don't dish out what you can't take back. Democrats are whining more than Stankee & Cowboys fans combined.
Lesson #1. If you don't want to be ripped by Trump, then simple don't rip him. Why is that so hard to understand?

I had Tony Hill Sports Book Director of the Golden Nugget on my show last night. He said it was the worst 9 day stretch (NFL Wildcard games/CFB Title game/NFL Divisional Games) he's had in his 10 years at the Nugget. He said he got crushed yesterday. Bring the Boys in Vegas
BIV) to their knees!! Mr. Vegas' Premium Players went a solid 6-2 this weekend. Cha Ching!!

How Andy Reid still has a job is amazing. You've heard me harp on this before, why in the world would Reid kick the ball deep down 2pts with 2:43 left and only one time out? It's beyond idiotic. If you kick the onsides kick and don't recover, you can still force Pittsburgh to a 3 and out and get the ball back with a minute and change left on the clock. So why pass up an opportunity to get the ball with the onsides kick try? STUPID...beyond STUPID. That is why Andy Reid will never win. And it also why Mike Tomlin is one of the best coaches in the NFL in that he threw the ball TWICE...not even once, but TWICE in order to get the first down to try to win the game. Their 3rd down completion gave them the first down and the win. And Andy Reid walks off the field knowing he blew a chance to recover an onsides not even trying it. Pittsburgh punted ONCE all game. KC's defense was NOT stopping the Steelers except in the Red Zone.
Awful coaching. Just awful.

While the duntz hat isn't as big for Dallas head coach Jason Garrett, he still wears one today just the same. He messed up by not trying a free kick at the end of the first half, and then he REALLY screwed up by spiking the ball on first down with :48 left. Spiking the ball with a time out left you only TWO downs to get a first down...which they didn't get. So they had to kick the FG leaving Green Bay :35 left on the clock. They should have either used their last time out or just ran a play. :48 left is an eternity. There was no rush there. You only needed 7-10 yards to get into FG range. The clock was their ally at that point. Bad coaching and inexperienced QB play cost them. I'll say it, Tony Romo wouldn't have made that mistake. You knew playing the rookie QB was going the Cowboys sooner or later. It finally caught up with them.

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NBA REVERSE SYSTEM: 74-76-4 (LW 8-7)
Play ON a team that played the night before and is playing a team that was idle the night before. Do for 2 months, then do the opposite.

2 months SEASON MARK: 59-38-2 ATS

NO Games
CHICAGO +10.5 @ Washington

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