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Welcome to Opposite Picks with Scott Wetzel. Join him when he calculates the outcome of NFL, NBA, NHL, MBA, NCAA College Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Football games. Scott boasts a winning record for 8 years straight and will supply you with the latest lowdown and stats on the favorites and the underdogs in both Pro and collegiate matchups. He knows the SU & ATS records of the teams and uses it like only he can. Scott Wetzel invites you to log in and find out who's beating the odds and who's going home a loser. Sports handicapping with Scott Wetzel on Opposite Picks.
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CINCINNATI -3.5 @ East Carolina There arenít many times Iíd lay points on the road with a 3-7 football team. But this is one of them. This isnít so much a pro Cincy play as it is an anti East Carolina play. The once proud Pirates are the joke of the AAC. They are 2-8 with 7 of their 8 loses coming by 25pts or more! And now all I have to do is lay 3.5pts? This is too easy. In fact, EC is a money burning, donít waste your cell phone minutes 3-16-1 ATS since early last year. And Cincy has won the last 3 years against East Carolina. LOVE Cincinnati. OPPOSITE PICK: EAST CAROLINA +3.5

MICHIGAN ST. -16 vs Maryland Terps held up strong for a while playing with their 2nd, then 3rd and now 4th string QB. But the season is finally taking its toll as they were crushed by Michigan at home last week and the same is going to happen on the road at MST this week. They arenít going to be able to score. Itís as simple as that. They were lucky to get 10pts last week. Their defense isnít stopping anyone giving up at least 31pts in SIX straight games. And you know MST is going to be all fired up to get revenge for their beyond embarrassing 48-3 loss to Ohio St. last week. They will take it out on Senior Day. They are 5-1 SU & ATS home this year. The poor turtles donít stand a chance. This has got 55-10 written all over it. LOVE Michigan St. OPPOSITE PICK: MARYLAND +16

WEST VIRGINIA -3 vs. Texas Thanks to the tie breaker situation, WVA could be playing for a berth in the BIG 12 title game next week @ Oklahoma. But they have to take care of business first and beat Texas this weekÖat home. I think they will. WVA has won 4 of its last 5 games. They are a quiet 7-3 but they have nice wins over Iowa St., Kansas St. and Texas Tech. They arenít stopping anybody on defense, but thatís okay, because Texas isnít scoring on anybody on offense. The heckle & Jeckle Longhorns have scored 40+pts 4 timesÖ.but 17pts or less 3 other times. They arenít winning unless they score because they are not stopping WVAÖ.and they arenít winning if they get into a shootout with the Mountaineers. Either way they are doomed. LOVE West Virginia laying only 3pts at home. OPPOSITE PICK: TEXAS +3

FLORIDA -10.5 vs. UAB One of my favorite systems is in play here. PLAY ON TEAMS THAT FIRED THEIR HEAD COACHES. This is the first game for Florida since they whacked Jim McIlwaine. Now they are only 10.5pt favorites over stinking UAB? Are you kidding me? An SEC team that had hopes of winning the SEC this year is only a 10.5pt favorite over a Conference USA team? This school didnít even have football 2 years ago as they stopped the program. Now they are going to hang with an embarrassed, fired up SEC team on the road? No way. No freaking way. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Florida. I donít care if Florida is 3-6 and UAB is 7-3. I donít care if Florida is 2-7 ATS & UAB is 8-2 ATS. And I donít care if Florida has lost 5 in a row, while UAB has won 3 in a row. Itís FLORIDA @ home vs. UAB in FBall. They are going to kill UAB! OPPOSITE PICK: UAB +10.5

VIRGINIA +19.5 @ Miami Its our CFB UPSET OF THE YEAR. Thatís right. I think Virginia wins this outright. After watching Miami win back to back monster games against Virginia Tech & Notre Dame the last two weeks and have a rival game against Florida St. next week and the ACC title game already locked up in 2 weeks, there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD are they concerned about Virginia this week. Line is going up as fast as youíre gambling winnings go down. Good. Let it go even higher. Iím not letting this line movement scare me off the Cavs who already have upset win @ Boise St. Theyíre 9-6 ATS their last 15 road games. In the words of my former broadcast colleague the Stinking Genius. Donít like the 19.5ptsÖDonít need the 19.5ptsÖbut Iíll take the 19.5pts. LOVE VA. OPPOSITE PICK: MIAMI -19.5

LOUISIANA MONROE +37 @ Auburn Tell the little lady forget about lunch todayÖ.in fact forget about dinner as well as I already have a MONSTER BIG TIME SANDWICH GAME OF THE YEAR already on my plate. Thatís right. You will never get a bigger sandwich game than this. Auburn played then #1 Georgia last week and they play new #1 & rival Alabama next week. That makes this the SANDWICH GAME OF THE DECADE! There is no way in the world Auburn gives a rats behind about Louisiana Monroe. Heck half the kids couldnít tell you what state the school is in, never mind any of its players. LM isnít great, but at 4-5 SU & 5-4 ATS they arenít horrible either. Plus, Auburn is only 7-13 ATS their last 20 home games. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LA-Monroe. OPPOSITE PICKS: AUBURN -37

LOUISIANA TECH -17 @ UTEP This is one of those rare times where the BIV are shaking in their boots. Why? Because it doesnít matter what the line is. Where the game is. What the weather conditions are. What the injury says. None of it matters. You just keep telling your man you want ANYBODY playing UTEP at ANY price. The Miners STINK. We told you that last week and they lost by 4TDís. Their head coach quit long ago and the players have followed suit. UTEP is 0-10 SU & 2-8 ATS this year. Theyíve lost games by 51,17,47,27,24,17,27 & 35pts this year. They are THE worst team in CFB. LT is 4-6. Why is that important? Because they need two more wins in their last two games to become bowl eligible. So you know they will be giving us a maximum effort and that spells doom for Utep! They are going to get crushed! You would have to be the biggest bird brain, butt head, bozo, bum, buffoon, clutz, clod, clown, creep, dim-wit, halfwit, also-ran, has-been, disadvantaged, dope, fool, quack, loser, ninny, nerd, numbskull, nincompoop, imbecile, schlep, schmoe, jerk, jackass in the world to put American $$ on UTEP. OPPOSITE PICK: UTEP +17

NFL VEGAS STATS thru Week 10

HOME TMS: 76-66 SU & 67-70-5 ATS (4gms London)
FAVS: 96-50 SU & 68-62-6 ATS
D/D FAVS: 12-2 SU & 6-8 ATS
6pt+ FAVS: 42-12 SU & 25-27-1 ATS
3pt/less FAVS: 34-27 SU & 28-29-4 ATS
2nd of B/B ROAD GMS: 17-17 SU & 15-17-2 ATS
HOME DOGS: 18-29 SU & 27-24-2 ATS


1. ALABAMA 10-0...Title game here we come
2. OKLAHOMA 9-1...Nice win over TCU
3. CLEMSON 9-1...No style points this year
4. WISCONSIN 10-0...Moment of truth comes Sat.
5. GEORGIA 8-1...Bulldogs get bulled over
6. AUBURN 8-2...have to give the Tigers credit
7. MIAMI 9-0...Convicts win over Catholics

1. UTEP 0-10...Wow they are beyond awful
2. KANSAS 1-9...Pitiful
3. UNC CHARLOTTE 1-8...Couldn't beat the Hornets
4. BAYLOR 1-9...back to losing this week
5. SAN JOSE ST. 1-10...lower than horrible
6. GA Southern they even count?
7. Coastal Carolina 1-9...Another d/d loss

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