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Welcome to Opposite Picks with Scott Wetzel. Join him when he calculates the outcome of NFL, NBA, NHL, MBA, NCAA College Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Football games. Scott boasts a winning record for 8 years straight and will supply you with the latest lowdown and stats on the favorites and the underdogs in both Pro and collegiate matchups. He knows the SU & ATS records of the teams and uses it like only he can. Scott Wetzel invites you to log in and find out who's beating the odds and who's going home a loser. Sports handicapping with Scott Wetzel on Opposite Picks.
Scott Wetzel's message--

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Hi Folks,

The NBA season is underway! FREE Premium Picks until the end of the month! Same with NHL. Hit the icons to the right and enjoy. NICE 2-0 start to the NHL season last night.

World Series
Houston WAS a -225 favorite.It's down to pickem. I still like the Stros, but I wouldn't lay -200 in any game again. They aren't THAT much a better team...especially tonight with Strasburg on the mound for the Nats.

I generally like Joe Buck and John Smoltz. But for them not to rip into George Springer for not hustling out of the box during his 8th inning double was as inexcusable as the crime itself. What game are you watching boys? The guy tanks it out of the box so instead of being on 3rd with one out, he's standing on 2nd base and ends up not scoring. Come on guys. You have to crush him for that. It's the World freaking Series. Is it asking too much for a star player to hustle instead of showboat? Brutal play...even worse announcing.

What a putrid performance by the Jets vs. the Pats Monday night. Team was dead. Crowd was dead. First drive and I knew we were sitting on a Jets +10 loser.

Pats head coach Bill Belichick showed why he's head and shoulders above all other head coaches. The ability to run off over a minute and not run a play midway through the fourth quarter on 4th down...pure genius. Pats were up 33-0 so it didn't matter. But, that was BB's way of showing the world how smart he is. I swear he must be a gambler. Only gamblers know how to manipulate the rules that well.

Call me crazy, but with the Warriors announcing Klay Thompson is probably not playing this year, I'm buying into the Houston Rockets. What's worse than one post season choke artist (James Harden)?
Two (Russell Westbrook). But maybe two wrongs make a right. Maybe after the Houston Astros win the World Series and the Houston Texans go to the Super Bowl it will be the year of Houston.

As for my radio situation. It remains status quo.
I need to decide if I want to stay in the business. Podcasts are the way to go, but I need to come up with a business plan to make money. I can't afford to "play radio" like 99% of all podcasts are doing.

Teams in the last six Super Bowls: Rams, Eagles, Falcons, Broncos, Panthers, Seahawks & Patriots, only the Pats are as good now as they were in the Super Bowls. Amazing.

Amazing is the best way to describe the end of the Titans/Chargers game. I can't remember another NFL game in which I went back and forth as many times thinking one team was going to win.
No doubt the Chargers got screwed. At least one of those called back touchdowns should not have been reversed. There wasn't conclusive evidence in either case. I swear the replay officials have to be listening to the announcers because they seem to do what the announcers say more often than not.

Bad beat #1
Pete Carroll kicks a field goal down SEVENTEEN with under 2 minutes left and then doesn't even trying an onsides kick. What's the freaking point? Game goes UNDER with that field goal, rather than going OVER if they go for the TD. UGHH

Bad Beat #2. OVER 50 Giants/Cardinals.
Game had 31 points 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter and the game stays Under.

Bad Beat #3 OVER 50 Dallas/Philly
Game had 34 points at half-time...and stays Under.

Bad Beat/Push #4 UNDER 44 Jags/Bengals
It was 10-9 mid 4th quarter until an Andy Dalton pick 6 and oh-by-the-way TD spark a 25pt final 6 minutes and the game ends at 44pts. UGHHH

This stuff happens week after week, but it never gets old.


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Home team: 46-58 SU & 37-64-3 ATS
Favs: 65-39-1 SU & 45-56-3 ATS
D/D favs: 13-2 SU & 7-8 ATS
6pts favs: 32-8 SU & 17-22-1 ATS
3pts favs: 21-18-1 SU & 18-20-2 ATS
B/B Road games: 13-7 SU & 12-8 ATS
HM DOGS: 6-26 SU & 10-19-3 ATS
Over/Unders: 49-56-1

Favs/Over: 20
Favs/Under: 22
Favs/Push: 1
Dogs/Over: 26
Dogs/Under 33
Push/Under: 1
Push/Over: 2
Pk/OVER: 1

1. NEW ENGLAND (who else?)
2. KANSAS CITY (once PM gets healthy)
3. DALLAS (still say they have the most talent)
4. NEW ORLEANS (Winning w/ no offense...amazing)
5. SAN FRAN (defense is for real)
6. LA RAMS (Still time to get it together)
7. GREEN BAY (But Minny might be more dangerous)

1. Clemson 7-0
2. Alabama 7-0
3. Ohio St. 7-0
4. Penn St. 7-0
6. LSU 7-0
7. Georgia 6-1

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