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Welcome to Opposite Picks with Scott Wetzel. Join him when he calculates the outcome of NFL, NBA, NHL, MBA, NCAA College Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Football games. Scott boasts a winning record for 8 years straight and will supply you with the latest lowdown and stats on the favorites and the underdogs in both Pro and collegiate matchups. He knows the SU & ATS records of the teams and uses it like only he can. Scott Wetzel invites you to log in and find out who's beating the odds and who's going home a loser. Sports handicapping with Scott Wetzel on Opposite Picks.
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Cleveland DE Miles Garrett gets suspended the rest of the season. He has an "indefinite" suspension so he might even miss games next yar
which I think is crazy. I know what he did was wrong, but Steelers QB Mason Rudolph deserves some of the blame as well for instigating the whole thing. This is the product of the NFL protecting QB's so much that when they DO get hit, they think it's a penalty. NFL has to take the white gloves off the QB's. It's killing the game. I thought Garrett deserved a one, maybe two game suspension. I've seen Jalen Ramsey, AJ Green, Odell Beckham, Josh Norman, Leonard Fournette do a lot worse and get less punishment.

I can't believe the idiotic kiss ass Baseball Writers gave Mike Trout the AL MVP award. I have never seen the media suck up to a ball player like they do with Trout. Drug allegations all over the Angels and yet they give the MVP award to a guy who played less than 135 games on a non winning team. Does anybody have the brains/guts to ask Trout if he knew his close friends was on drugs? Anybody have the brains/guts to ask Trout if HE is one of the other players accused of being on drugs? Of course not...not when they give him another award. The day he gets his FIRST clutch hit, I'll hop on his bandwagon. Until then, he'll remain the most overrated player in the history of the to Sandy Koufax.

Don't get me started on Jacob Degromm winning back to back Cy Young Awards. The man had less wins and a worse ERA than Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu...the two most important stats a pitcher can have...and was given the award getting all but ONE first place vote. How's that possible?

I have to laugh at dopey Stankee fans bitching about the Astro's "stealing signs." There's been no bigger cheaters/roiders in the game than the Stanks. No bitching about A-Roid, Clemons, Pettite, Giambi, etc., etc., etc. But the Astros are the cheaters. Okay.

If the Miami Dolphins sign Colin Kapernick, I'll stop being a Dolphins fan. He has every right to protest the flag and support cop killers (look it up) and I have every right to denounce him.
I can not believe the Dolphins would consider signing a guy who wore a pro Castro t-shirt to a press conference. Good riddance to Kapernick or the Dolphins. He's a fraud that's more interested in protesting than playing.

#1 NEW MEXICO +27.5 @ Boise St.
This segment is about making money, not friends. There is no better sports betting system in the NONE...then the one that is in play for this game. It's the "death system."
New Mexico had a player sadly die nearly two weeks ago. Their game against Air Force was cancelled last week. So this is their first game since the kids death. I know the Lobo's stink. But if you don't think they are going to be sky high and play well above their normal limits, then you don't know human nature. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE New Mexico.

#2 TEXAS +7 @ Iowa St.
Matt Campbell and the Cyclones are a terrific underdog team. BUT not as favorites. Some teams lose their edge as favorites and this is one of them. IST is just 5-5 ATS as favs. That's not horrible, but not good either. Texas h/c Tom Herman is a nice 14-4 ATS as an underdog while with the Horns & Houston. IST is also 0-3 SU & ATS vs. Texas. LOVE TEXAS getting a full touchdown.

#3 TEMPLE +6 vs. Tulane
I know the Green Wave have made some strides this year, but looking back who have they really beaten? Their high water mark of topping Army has turned into a no-nothing win as the Cadets are back to being bad. So Tulane has no business being a nearly TD road favorite over a Temple team that has nice wins over Memphis, Maryland & South Florida. Owls beat SF last time out holding the Bulls to just 7pts. That kind of defense will show up again here. Temple wins outright!

#4 OHIO ST. -52.5 @ Rutgers
This line opened at 50.5 and went up to 52.5pts.
What does that tell you about pathetic Rutgers?
You say you can't ask a team to win by 53pts?
Consider OST has beaten Rutgers by 49, 56, & 58pts the last 3 years. They've covered 5 in a row against the Knights. They're also covered 8 in a row this year. Throw in Rutgers fired former OST assistant Chris Ash unceremoniously three weeks ago and that gives the Buckeyes even more incentive to beat the snot out the biggest waste of human flesh in football uniforms East of the App mountains. Buckeyes win 60-0.

#5 CLEMSON -34.5 vs. Wake Forest
We like another big favorite. Why? Clemson has put it in high gear scoring 55,59,59,45,& 45pts the last five games. They've won those games by 31,35,52,45 & 45pts. Laying only 34.5pts. against Wake Forest is a gift. Clemson is 12-1-1 ATS their last 14 ACC games. Now they face a WF defense that allowed 36pts to offensively inept Va Tech last week...62 to Louisville a few weeks back. Oh by the way, did I tell you? It's Senior Day...last home game for Clemson. No calling off the dogs for the Tigers who might put 70 on the board! LOVE Clemson.

#6 BAYLOR +10 vs. Oklahoma
I can't lay double digits on the road with this
Oklahoma team...not after watching them get torched the last two times out on defense by Kansas St. & Iowa St. Sooners have given up 89pts the last two weeks. So that means they would have to be up 17+pts because Baylor's good for the oh-by-the-way touchdown. Okie is good, but not that good. Bears have won 5 games by less than 10pts so they are getting lucky, but this is the biggest Baylor game since the Mike Singletary days. That place is going to be rocking. Throw in Matt Rhule will have the chip of undefeated Baylor being ranked LOWER than 1 loss Oklahoma. And Baylor is 9-2 ATS as dogs. Maybe they lose, but I don't see them getting blown out. LOVE Baylor to maybe win outright!

I know, I know, I know what you are saying.
How can I lay nearly 6 touchdowns on a one win
Wildcats team that has scored just 100 TOTAL POINTS all year? I'll tell you how. UMASS is
THAT bad. They lost to Liberty. Liberty I should remind you LOST to Rutgers! They beat this same UMASS team by 42pts! UMASS is 1-9 SU & ATS. Their only win & cover was against pathetic Akron. They've lost every other game SU & ATS.
They are on a nasty, ugly, you man will call you 4-17 ATS run! I don't care how bad Northwestern might be, you would have to be the biggest bird brain, butt-head, pin-head, block-head, knucklehead, meat-head, Meat whistle, moron, mutton-mouth, dope, duntz, ding-bat, dirt-bag, dork, cretin, simpleton, nincompoop, numbskull, jerk, jackass in the world to put American $$ on UMASS.

1. BALTIMORE (7-2)
2. NEW ENGLAND (8-1)
3. MINNESOTA (7-3)
4. SAN FRAN (8-1)
5. NEW ORLEANS (7-2)
6. KANSAS CITY (6-4)
7. HOUSTON (6-3)

1. Clemson 9-0
2. LSU 9-0
3. Ohio St. 9-0
4. Alabama 8-1
5. Oklahoma 8-1
6. UTAH 7-1
7. MEMPHIS 8-1

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Home team: 8-5 SU & 7-6 ATS
Favs: 5-8 SU & 3-9-1
D/D favs: 1-2 SU & ATS
6pts favs: 2-3 SU & ATS
3pts favs: 1-3 SU & 0-3-1 ATS
B/B Road games: 1-1 SU & ATS
3rd straight RG: 0-0
Over/Unders: 7-6

Favs/Over: 1
Favs/Under: 2
Dogs/Over: 6
Dogs/Under: 3
PUSH/Under: 1

Home team: 75-69 SU & 62-79-3 ATS
Favs: 91-55-1 SU & 62-80-4 ATS
D/D favs: 21-4 SU & 12-13 ATS
6pts favs: 47-11 SU & 27-30-1 ATS
3pts favs: 25-24-1 SU & 21-26-3 ATS
B/B Road games: 15-16 SU & 16-15 ATS
3rd straight RG: 1-0 SU & ATS
HM DOGS: 15-31 SU & 21-22-3 ATS
Over/Unders: 71-75-1

Favs/Over: 30
Favs/Under: 29
Favs/Push: 1
Dogs/Over: 39
Dogs/Under 44
Push/Under: 2
Push/Over: 2
Pk/OVER: 1

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