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Welcome to Opposite Picks with Scott Wetzel. Join him when he calculates the outcome of NFL, NBA, NHL, MBA, NCAA College Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Football games. Scott boasts a winning record for 8 years straight and will supply you with the latest lowdown and stats on the favorites and the underdogs in both Pro and collegiate matchups. He knows the SU & ATS records of the teams and uses it like only he can. Scott Wetzel invites you to log in and find out who's beating the odds and who's going home a loser. Sports handicapping with Scott Wetzel on Opposite Picks.

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1….KANSAS CITY -10 vs. Cleveland Browns won their SB last week when Pittsburgh gift wrapped them an easy win. That stuff doesn’t happen 2 weeks in a row. Topeka high could’ve beaten Pitt with all of those Steeler turnovers. KC h/c Andy Reid is 26-6 SU & 21-11 ATS off a bye week inc: 6-2 in the post season. Also, teams off upset wins like Cleveland are a putrid 12-46 SU & 22-36 ATS.

Ravens are on fire. Try catching LaMar Jackson on the run…nearly impossible. Now try catching him on a sheet of ice….completely impossible. So if we do have bad weather this will HELP Baltimore. Ravens are a nice 6-0 SU & ATS roll. They are playing their best defense of the season holding their last 3 opponents to 228 YPG. Ravens are averaging 262 rushing yards their last 6 games. That’s the most in a 6-game span since the 1949 Eagles. Can’t win on the road? Think again as h/c John Harbaugh has an NFL record 8 playoff road wins. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Baltimore GETTING points.

3. GREEN BAY -6.5 vs. LA Rams
No way the Rams win two in a row. Same stat as with Cleveland…upset winners in the post season don’t do well their next game. Plus, you have a warm weather team (Rams) playing in a cold weather site (GB). Weather forecast? 35 w/ snow showers. Forget Lamar Jackson, how many times has California boy Jared Goff played in those conditions. Probably not many. Aaron Rogers & NFC Conf. Title losers the next year @home: 43-7 SU & 33-15-2 ATS. GB is going to win by d/d. OPPOSITE PICK: LA RAMS +6.5

4. NBA…MILWAUKEE -6 vs. Dallas Bucks are coming into midseason form. After starting 3-3, they’ve won 5 of 6 with 4 of the wins coming by d/d. Mavs have won 4 straight but the Bucks are the better team, at home and playing well….and only laying 6pts.

5. LA CLIPPERS -6.5 @ SACRAMENTO First of 2 games in a 3 game stretch for these two teams. Kings have hit the skids of late losing 6 of their last 8 SU & ATS. They are playing NO defense what so ever giving up 115pts or more in 10 of their 12 games. Ouch. That’s Washington Wizards like. Clips have scored 105pts or more in 10 of their 12 games. That’s a deadly combination for Queens fans. LOVE the Clippers.

6. UNDER 203.5 CLEVELAND vs. NY KNICKS Knicks have lost 4 straight. Their scoring has dropped way off. That’s not a good thing when facing Cleveland which is seeking revenge for an earlier season loss to NY. Cleveland is on a monster, buzzy signal, internet connection is down, Louie the Lip won’t pick up his phone 10-0 UNDER run! Knicks are on a monster 8-1 UNDER run….that’s a combined 18-1 UNDER run. You would have to be the biggest bird brain, butt head, meat head, muttonmouth, moron, cook, crook, croonie, idiot, dope, dunce, dork, fool, jackass in the world to bet the OVER. OPPOSITE PICK: OVER 203.5 Cleveland/NY = WIN

Most points at end of January wins $60 worth of
Opposite Picks merch courtesy of LL Chief Tom!
Thanks Chief!
First team is a playoff team from last year
2nd team is a non playoff team from LYr
3rd team is a team drawn from all clubs

Irwin Cohen---Philly, San Jose, Minny
Vinny T.------TB, LA, Nash
Dustin LI-----Calg, Anahiem, St.Louis
Tim Frederick-Colorado, NJ, Carolina
Luis Augusta--Colum, Ottawa, Vegas
Chad Denver---Bost, Buff, Dallas
Rafi Tickets--Dallas, Detroit, NYI
William Waid--Pitts, NJ, Wash
Zach in PA----Fla, Buff, Colorado
Ken in SD-----Chi, Det, TB
Joe Spokane---Wash, LA, Winnipeg
Eric Gantley--Vanc, Anaheim, Toronto
Gigsandgears--Toronto, Ottawa, Boston
Dave Calgary--Carolina, Buff, NYR
Mick in MN----NYI, LAK, Arizona
Mick in IL----NYR, SJose, Dallas
John in Indy--Edm, NJ, Montreal
John Campbell-STL, Det, Pitts
Marty in NC---Vegas, Det, Arizona
Wade Schmidt--Nash, Ottawa, Philly
Gary V--------Winn, Anaheim, Boston
Chief Tom-----Minny, NJ, Florida
Colby P.------Ariz, LAK, Toronto
Scott in Jax--Chi, SJ, Vegas
Trucker Todd--Columb, Buff, Wash
Duncan G.-----Dallas, Det, Edmonton
Kevin Knutson-Vegas, Ottawa, STL
AK in FL------Colorado, Anah, Carolina
Anthony BM----Nash, Detroit, NYI
Neil Thomson--Calg, NJ, Minny
Dennis Kubiak-TB, Ottawa, San Jose
Jeff Cohen----STL, Buff, Ariz
Steve Aiken---Pitt, NJ, Dallas
Steve Carr----Wash, Detroit, Toronto
Jet in Texas--NYI, SJ, Florida
Todd Lorber---Edm, LAK, Philly
Wade in Idaho-Philly, Anah, NYR
AG in Arizona-Mont, NJ, Vanc
David Brown---Bos, Ottawa, Dallas
Billy in NY---Flor, Buff, Carolina
Rich Coutinho-Tor, LAK, Colorado
Fidel Pizana--NYR, San Jose, Boston
Richard Stacy-Colub, Anaheim, TBay

NFL PODCAST $100 O-Picks merchandise courtesy of LL Jeff Cohen. Thanks Jeff!!

Super Bowl: Baltimore over New Orleans...56pts
Paul Kamke: Baltimore over Green Bay.....69pts

Eric Gantley...Buffalo over GB..81pts
Kyle K.........Buffalo over GB..60pts

Jet from Tx....KC over Green Bay...69pts
AK in FL.......KC over Green Bay...65pts
Chad Denver....KC over Green Bay...65pts
Jay Fader......KC over GB...........59pts
Chief Tom......KC over Green Bay...57pts
Dave in Cal....KC over Green Bay...52pts
Anthony BM.....KC over New Orleans..79pts
Ash W..........KC over New Orleans..60pts
Todd L.........KC over TBucs........71pts
Mr. Vegas......KC over TBucs........61pts
Ken in SD......KC over TBucs........58pts

Steve Carr.....Green Bay over KC.....56pts
John Reuscher..Green Bay over KC.....67pts
Charles in WVA.Green Bay over Balt...51pts
Dustin LI:.....Green Bay over Buff...57pts

Rafi Tickets...New Orleans over KC....64pts
John Campbell..New Orleans over KC....48pts.
Irvin Cohen....New Orleans over Buff..61pts

Boston Rob.......Tampa Bay over KC.......61pts
TK in FL.........Tampa Bay over Buffalo..63pts
William Waid.....Tampa Bay over Buffalo..63pts
Gigs&Gears.......Tampa Bay over Buffalo..58pts
Mick from MN.....Tampa Bay over Buffalo..57pts

Eliminated entries are posted on my NFL page

DOW JONES #1 courtesy of LL John from Indy.
$100 O-Picks merchandise to the person who's prediction is closest to the Dow Jones closing
Friday January 22.

Boston Rob: 27,545
Chief Tom: 27,727
Jay in Maine: 28,263
Dom in NY: 28,777
AK in FL: 28,888
John for Indy: 29,029
Richard Stacy: 29,116
Rafi Ag: 29,250
Jon in Nash: 29,357
Todd Lorber: 29,467
Marty in NC: 29,550
Kerry P: 29,573
Irwin Cohen: 29,592
Steve in Aiken: 29,632
Billy in NY: 29,700
Jay Fader: 29,755
Dave Brown: 30,025
Andy in SA: 30,027
Anthony BM: 30,100
Jeff Cohen: 30,303
Ed Arkinson: 30,577
Neil in Vanc: 30,600
Randy in Wash: 30,611
Vinny T. 30,627
Chad in Denver: 30,731
Kevin K.: 30,787
William Waid: 30,812
Ken in SD: 30,842
AG in Ariz: 30,866
Jet from Tx: 30,969*
TK in FL: 31,001*
Mick in Minn: 31,031*
Dave in Calgary: 31,133.77 31,234
Trucker Tim: 31,273
Jeff Hockstein: 31,333
Charles Pridgen: 31,555
Joe in Spokane: 31,750
Dustin LI: 31,777
Dusty Lee: 32,007.19
Steve Carr: 32,225.23
GMAN in NJ: 33,333
Luis in Augusta: 35,001

*FREE Gourmet cat/dog food winners

Teams assignments & point spreads are below
I used Fanduels lines as 2:30pm ET today.

#1..NFL $50 ATS POOL
Ken in SD---------Buffalo -2.5 vs. Baltimore
AG in Arizona-----New Orleans -3 vs. TBay
Charles Elliott --Tampa Bay +3 @ NO
Steve Kirck ------Baltimore +2.5 @ Buffalo
Kevin Knutson-----Kansas City -10 vs Cleveland
Half-Time Libby---Cleveland +10 @ KC
Chief Tom --------Rams +6.5 @ GB
John Spanbauer----Green Bay - 6.5 vs. Rams

#2 NFL $50 ATS Pool
Joe in Vermont -Buffalo -2.5 vs Baltimore
Jeff Cohen------Baltimore +2.5 @ Buffalo
Alex Hatton ----Rams +6.5 @ GB
William Waid----Green Bay -6.5 vs. LA
David Bussell --New Orleans -3 vs. TBay
TK in FL--------Tampa Bay +3 @ NO
Jon Morris------Cleveland +10 @ KC
Dollar Bob------Kansas City -10 vs. Clev

AK in FL-----------Green Bay -6.5 vs. Rams
TK in Florida------LA Rams +6.5 @ GB
Jim Cherbonea------Buffalo -2.5 vs. Balt
Half Time Libby----Baltimore +2.5 @ Buff
Joe in Vermont-----Kansas City -10 vs. Clev
Dollar Bob---------Cleveland +10 @ KC
Chief Tom----------Tampa Bay +3 @ NO
Richard Stacy------New Orleans -3 vs. TBay

Eliminated entries are listed on my NFL page


PUSHES = Teams that win the game outright advance.

$100 O-Picks Merch courtesy of AK in Florida!
Who ever has the most wins for the months of December & January wins the merchandise.
Everyone gets 1 non playoff team, 1 playoff team & 1 team drawn from all clubs

THRU: THURSDAY Jan 14th games:

Ken in SD: 23-Phoenix, Boston, Philly
AG in Ariz: 23-Phoenix, Philly, Portland
Anthony BM: 22-Charlotte, Portland, Philly
RafiTicket: 22-New Orleans, Clippers, Lakers
John Campb: 21-Washington, Lakers, Milwaukee
Chief Tom: 21-San Antonio, Lakers, Atlanta
Jet in Txs: 20-San Antonio, Utah, Phoenix
Gigs&gears: 20-Knicks, Brooklyn, Clippers
Chad Frey: 20-Knicks, Philly, Denver
Eric Gantl: 20-Phoenix, Brooklyn, Charlotte
Boston Rob: 13-Sacramento, Houston, Chicago
Jeff Cohen: 15-Minnesota, Dallas, Orlando
Steve Fens: 18-Cleveland, Portland, Golden St.
IrwinCohen: 17-Phoenix, Orlando, Houston
Andy in OH: 11-Washington, Miami, Brooklyn
CoachKeith: 13-Detroit, OKC, Charlotte
TruckerTim: 12-Golden St., Toronto, Washington
ToddFeeley: 15-Atlanta, Miami, Denver
Edward Ark: 19-New Orleans, Dallas, Philly
.....Shuba: 19-Charlotte, Orlando, Boston
Mick in MN: 15-Chicago, Indiana, Washington
Louiein GA: 16-San Antonio, Denver, New Orleans
James Ashm: 18-Golden St., Milwaukee, Miami
David MI: 16-Minnesota, Utah, Orlando
Jay Fader: 15-Cleveland, Houston, Dallas
Kevin Knut: 16-Atlanta, Memphis, San Antonio
AK in Flor: 17-Sacramento, Portland, OKC
Todd Lorbe: 16-Detroit, Boston, Utah
Eric McCom: 14-Chicago, Miami, Golden St.
Colby Pier: 18-Charlotte, Milwaukee, Chicago
Kerry P.: 15-Atlanta, Clippers, Detroit
Scott Russ: 14-Sacramento, Denver, Minnesota
Dave Calga: 11-Washington, Toronto, Sacramento
TK in FL: 17-Detroit, Indiana, Phoenix
Dustin LI: 19-Chicago, Boston, Indiana
Vinny NJ: 19-Cleveland, Dallas, Clippers
Jon Nash: 17-Golden St., Utah, Houston
Zach in PA: 15-Minnesota, OKC, Brooklyn
Andy in SA: 13-Orleans, Houston, Memphis
Joe Spokan: 14-Knicks, Orlando, Toronto
Billy NY: 16-Minnesota, Clippers, Atlanta
Neil Thoms: 14-Chicago, Memphis, Knicks
Will Waid: 18-Charlotte, Brooklyn, Cleveland
John Reusc: 18-Sacramento, Milwaukee, OKC
Steve Utah: 15-Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans

$70 1st place
$30 2nd place

Jay B in IL-------January 4

Vinny T in NJ-----January 7
Irwin Cohen-------January 7
AG in Arizona-----January 7
Chad in Denver----January 8
Chief Tom---------January 13
Jared F.----------January 14
Anthony B---------January 15
Ken in SD---------January 21
James Ashmmore----January 23
Kurt in SD--------January 25
Jeff Kamberg------January 28
Neil Thomson------January 29
Kerry P.----------February 1
John Campbell-----February 2
AK in FL----------February 2
Boston Rob--------February 3
Joe in Spokane----February 4 5
Dave in Calgary---February 5
Rafi Tickets------February 8
Kevin Knutson-----February 9
Kevin in SC-------February 12
Dustin in LI------February 12
Dr. George--------February 14
Randy in WA-------February 14
Scott in J'ville--February 16
Colby-------------February 17
Todd L.-----------February 19
Jeff Cohen--------February 19
Billy in NY-------February 20
Eric Gantley------February 25
William Waid------February 26
Charles in WV-----March 1
David Brown-------March 4
Marty in NC-------March 5
Trucker Rich------March 5
Alex Hatton-------March 10
Wade in Idaho-----March 13
TK in FL----------March 31
Mick in MN--------April 1st
Todd Feeley-------June 13
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