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Date: 9/6/2009
I created Opposite Picks about 10 years ago.
Me and a radio friend were talking on the air about "phoney" looking lines and sure enough we realized those teams ended up covering. So, I started picking games on the radio that I thought for sure would cover. I realized I was posting a losing record despite all of the
"Absolute Winners." It finally dawned on me that if I went "Opposite" of what I like, I'd have a winning record...hence "Opposite Picks" were born.

I eventually turned my college & NFL picks, turned into a 5-10 minute radio segment. I pick 7 games, give reasons why I liked one team, then went Opposite and took the other club. With that kind of thinking, I posted a winning record for the last 10 years. Sad, but True!

If you decide to follow my picks, great. If you decide to follow the "Opposite Picks" rule of thumb with your own picks, you HAVE to be honest in which teams you really like. And you HAVE TO go opposite on ALL matter how hard that is. And yes, it is very hard to do on some picks.

As for charging...I'll never charge for the 7 Opposite Picks. I'm may put them on tape and charge a couple of bucks to listen to them as the audio version is much more entertaining than the reading version which will always be free.

"GUYS < LET ME TELL YOU > .....It is hard to make the play ...however it worked for me , short story : I am burried, put a fork in me<, head in the vice , I have pulled the flag out about to wave it and then ....XM radio comes on abd Scoot's on the phone with Mr, Vegas .....and here it comes............ 7 ( seven ) plays no one hits ( 7 ) plays i did not once but twice that year and ......and thats when i decided Scott"
Kansas Kenny
" Fellow's I've been following Wetzel since the days of Sporting News Radio.When they folded up I threatened to stop paying the bill for satellite radio in my truck.My wife threw a fit.(Now my ex-wife)and she got the damn radio.When I found out Scott was back on air I signed up again!Lucky Me!He's been passed over, stepped on,spit @,cussed @ and most notably COPIED.Thats Right Adam Schein! Scott is the goofiest,lain-brain, obnoxious ,egotist , dopiest,misogynist,radio host w 1000's of loyal listeners(LL)Count me in.One last thing,From1 truckdriver to all: the mother------ knows his picks,-his best attribute. Kansas Kenny"

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posted: 08/17/2013 Read More --->
posted: 9/6/2009
Opposite Picks Football College Football and NFL seasons are here.
So that bodes the question, "Just what are Opposite Picks?"
Here is the answer. Read More --->
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