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Mr. Vegas!!
Date: 08/17/2013
Fellow's I've been following Wetzel since the days of Sporting News Radio. When they folded up I threatened to stop paying the bill for satellite radio in my truck. My wife threw a fit. (Now my ex-wife)and she got the damn radio.When I found out Scott was back on air I signed up again!Lucky Me!He's been passed over, stepped on,spit @,cussed @ and most notably COPIED.Thats Right Adam Schein! Scott is the goofiest,lain-brain, obnoxious ,egotist , dopiest,misogynist,radio host w 1000's of loyal listeners(LL)Count me in.One last thing,From1 truckdriver to all: the mother------ knows his picks,-his best attribute. Kansas Kenny

Aaron Greene
"Your very entertaining, I like your spots and I don't understand why you have been passed over but man once told me that fair is where they judge pigs and not what life can be.. That being said keep doing what you do and your day will come.."
sam concepcion
"Scotty to hotty cant believe u cut me off, still had some good stuff about the scarry predator of hope solo.Talk to u thursday great show ur LL sam from fla"
Don Hay
"Love your show, your humour and your picks. Listen while driving late night in Nova Scotia, Canada. Don't get too much sports radio (except hockey)here so listen to you on satalite radio. Too bad your a dolphin's fan. They suck."
Will McClellan
"Scotty...I remember vividly the first time I heard you on the radio. You eviscerated MLB for not celebrating Tony Gwinn at the All Star game. Made it sound as if it was devastating to your young son. Had me in tears. Then you proceded to blame the whole fiasco on Derek Jeter...coulcnt have been more unfair but was equally humorous to th is fellow Yankee Hater! Love your take on the sports world. Your Opposite Picks segments are pure gold. Original...Incisive...Radio Genius. You gotta bring your wife on the show just once to ddfend herself. Feminists across the countty sould rally in her support. It would be hilarious. Why are you such a turd with your hockey picks this year?"
edmund dineen
"Man if it wasn't for you SERIOUSLY I would cancel my SiriusXM subscription. No joke! You need more air time for real. Love your takes... mental midget, best thing since sliced bread, Topeka High, lololol! Keep it up brother!"
John murphy
"Enjoyed your comments on Cam before the super bowl. I know the subject is dead but let me ask anyway. How do we know Pete Rose didn't get in a jam and bet against the Reds when he was player/ manager? Anybody take a close look at those games?"
Michelle Wetzel
"Manny Pacquiao says gay people are lower than animals. Not gay people, but I can think of a few people that are lower than animals. I'm sure we all can."
"Night cap w Mr Vegas Scotty wetzel is best sports talk show out there ("
"The Steelers signed him to an one yr, unrestricted totally free agent agreement in April, and, according to Steelers General Supervisor Kevin Colbert, Stephens-Howling can assist the Steelers not only on special teams, but possibly on offense as nicely. <a href=></a> I had him in a deep league last year and he performed great when he got the chance. CBSSports spoke with Jones on Jan. 23 about his meeting with Reid. The next big test for Michigan State will be taking on Big Ten newcomer Nebraska. Running back position: set. Brian Westbrook is set up as a great running back getting acquired 936 yards in fourteen games last yr on your own. Rookie LeSean McCoy jersey is anticipated to take over the RB ! positions after Westbrook steps apart. Emil Igwenagu (6-1, 249) is the best pure fullback in the draft. As a Golden Gopher, Rabe played halfback, caught 14 passes for 143 yards and four touchdowns in 2012. Before that in 2003 she was in American Juniors and Star Search. ."
will McClellan
"Scotty...with the eclipse coming this Saturday, your Friday night movie of the week has to be Dolores Claiborne. For my money it is the best film adaptation of a Steven King novel. How many eclipse themed movies are there? Its a slam dunk!!"
John murphy
"I was wrong. Urban Meyer approached coach in 2009. It was established the guy was sick.A6742T"
"Scott: Am so sorry to hear that you wil no longer be doing your radio show! Whatever the reason let me try and soften the hurt! I was in charge of a major Wall Street Firm on floor of exchange when I had issues with a partner and we did not get along so he applied pressure and it worked for him as I was let go. It is amazing how well the mind works to send you in positive directions and land on your feet in a way you never thought could happen. Be patient and remember nobody can take this away from you"
Fidel Pizana
"everybody on mad dog station suck I waited all day for that sports news on night Cap O well"
Allan Foss
"I listened to a lot of callers saying Scotty was the reason they have xm radio. I am letting my subscription lapse and vow to each of you that I will not go back unless I can find Scotty on the air. I pledge to donate my XM money to help Scotty get back on the radio. I challenge each and every one of you to show your support. Don't renew and let them know why. No more Dogdick radio for me."
Melanie Davis
"Hey Scotty! Loved hearing your shows over the years from the guy that got into the car accident (thank god he's good) while he was on air, to your Noah's Arc vacation, and hearing your college football opposite picks! How can I hear episodes 1-8 to catch up? I only see 9 and up. Thanks!"

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